Explore Jem Costume, Little Girls, and more!

Kids of the Jem Halloween Costume - little girls are so lucky now- instead of fancy wigs makeup we wore these ugly sweaty plastic masks. I can still remember the smell of the plastic face mask!

Plastic charm necklaces-- I know for sure I had the bike, baby bottles, lipstick and tennis racket.

Plastic charm necklaces- my childhood obsession! I need to get one of these again one day!

Judy Blume..my first Judy Blume book and one I have never forgotten.

Who remembers reading Judy Blume? Are you there God, it's Me, Margaret. one my my favorites.

toys games dolls of the 1960, and 1970 | Toss Across was first introduced in

Toss Across Game.We had this game and loved it - So glad I grew up in the era of actually playing games that were NOT on the computer.

keychains from claire's

Remember when the more of these you had on your key ring the cooler you were? Got mine from Spencer's and thought I was badass lol

12 House Features Only People Born in the '60s Know - I wasn't born then, but I am a geek for wood paneling. Great list!

Guide to Mid-Century Homes, 1930 - 1965

12 House Features Only People Born in the Know: Of course, you lived in a modest suburban TRACT HOME

Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? I watched the TV show and played the computer game.

Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? Who doesn't remember this? It was a staple for me on TV, I played the computer game, and I remember my grade school hosting Carmen Sandiego competitions with the different teachers and classes.