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Augie the Great Dane

Apparently Augie gets called a ‘Flying Nun’ all the time! We can’t understand why that might be ;) So gorgeous is Augie the Great Dane. #instagram #dogs #Augie

Connie the Corgi

This is the lovely Connie and he is a Blue Merle Cardigan Welsh Corgi! What a gorgeous and unique colouring. #pet #dog #bluemerlecardiganwelshcorgi

Instagram by hugothehungarianfrenchie

This is the gorgeous Hugo and he is a 5 month old French Bulldog! Sqeeeeeee what a cutie! #instagram #dogs #frenchbulldog

Frisco the Westie

Gorgeous Frisco is a Westie boy born and raised in San Francisco and is now living in Bangkok. #dog #instagram #westie

Baloo the Great Dane

My goodness, did you just do a double take too? Talk about little and large. The gentle giant is Baloo, a Great Dane, whilst is diminutive pal is Kiah, a cattle dog.

Norman the Old English sheepdog

We love Norman, the Old English sheepdog! Only adorable stormin’ Norman, could work a bad hair day with quite such fabulous style. But don’t worry ~ he does sport a headband to keep that gorgeous hair out of his eyes, when the serious play begins. #instagram #dogs #Norman

Gus the Yorkie

Who said boy’s can’t pull off pink? Gorgeous Gus certainly looks adorable in his pink bunny ears! They even match his, oh so cute, poking out tongue! #instagram #dogs #Gus

Little Sawyer the Border Collie

Little Sawyer is a gorgeous slate merle Border Collie; a breed named as the most intelligent of dogs in the book, The Intelligence of Dogs, by professor of psychology Stanley Cohen. #instagram #dogs #LittleSawyer

Baloo the Great Dane

All legs and ears, this is Baloo the Great Dane when he was a pup. He’s been snuffling in the sand and having a high old time. Baloo’s now just over 3 years old, and loves chewing sticks, although rumour has it he’s not a big fan of balloons! #instagram #dogs #Baloo

Truffles the Westie

Rough, tough, and ready to ROAR! This is what Truffles’ pet parent calls his “giant dinosaur” pose. #instagramdogs #dogs #cute #truffles