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Planting By The Moon - An infographic guide. Learn the basics of using the lunar cycle to boost your gardening efforts.

Will Basic Garden Skills Will be Taught in All Schools Soon? having basic garden skills is like have a degree from a university, once you have it nobody can take it

Hydroponic window farm. It allows plants to extend upward rather than grow along the surface of the garden. Doesn’t take a lot of space and look so beautiful at the same time.

20+ Cool Vertical Gardening Ideas

Mine should be up and running soon! Got an apartment with limited space? A Hydroponic window farm is for you. All you need are plastic bottles with cuts in them, plants, soil, and some supports to hold it to a PVC frame.

Government provides subsidies to poison food but not real food and we wonder why our society is less healthy than any other industrialized country and we spend way more on healthcare! What does organic really mean? Everything you ever wanted to know about what it means to be organic.

Eating Organic: but what does it mean? [Infographic]

Everything you ever wanted to know about what it means to be USDA certified organic. (If you are concerned about GMOs in your food, just buy certified organic products; they are not allowed to contain GMOs.

Farming & Agriculture: How To Make Your Own Organic Garden Spray

Made it and sprayed it! I call it my "Garden Pest Control Salsa" :-) BUT BE CAREFUL! It will burn your plants if you spray too much on them. I suggest diluting it into 2 spray bottles.

The BEST site I have seen on the subject! Permaculture Design: Vegetable & Herb Guilds | Permaculture Magazine

Paul Alfrey from the Balkan Ecology Project explains how he& created the right herb and vegetable guilds for his Bulgarian site, including using a local stream for irrigation and chickens as pest for pest control and fertilising.