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Doctor Who is the feeling of waking up on Christmas morn.

He is like fire and ice and rage. He& like the night, and the .

That dinosaur's loss was more traumatic than some of the companions.

Television. So confusing

This made me lol, the or caw, ha ha

Laughed so hard. The twitchy giggles of hiatus.

The Doctor sounds really odd. Imagine the anni ep, with any luck they'll travel back to 2014 and tell Moffat and co. to put us out of our misery and stop having such painfully long hiatus'!

Happens all too often, interchanging the shows.

My best friend is strictly SuperLock but she needs to watch all of Doctor Who, not just five minutes! - My friend Jessica sent me this. I am the one that doesn't watch Doctor Who.

-_- Some people.

lol that sherlock reference.but in all seriousness I would probably have done the same thing cause how dare anyone skip 9 and 10