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My Cake Ingredients

Only that is missing from this picture is the egg.

Leo Beer

Cheap Thai beer, but tastes surprisingly as good as Heineken or Tiger. Fun fact: Beer-lovers are more likely to be okay with sleeping with someone on their first date.

Hey bitch. I'm horny

amazing horns : The horns of the male ibex can be over feet meter) long. Both male and female ibex have horns. The male has horns that are longer and heavily ridged, curving upward, backward and then downward.

Central African Republic

Beautiful bongo antelope, among the largest of the African forest antelope species.

Pot Maker

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Gerenuk by Cindy

The gerenuk, Litocranius walleri, is a long-necked species of antelope found in dry thorn bush scrub and desert in East Africa. The word gerenuk means “giraffe-necked”.

Leafy Seadragon, is Expression

This animal, the Leafy Seadragon, is a Threatened species. They are threatened by collecting for use in Chinese medicine (and by habitat loss). Just one more example of the beautiful natural world exploited by idiotic traditional Chinese cruelty.

Pinky the albino chimpanzee was the first albino chimp ever seen, pictured here in her Sierra Leone sanctuary. She also had one blue eye and one brown

Spinner said "Pinky the albino chimpanzee is the first albino chimp ever seen, pictured here in her Sierra Leone sanctuary. She also has one blue eye and one brown". is this chimp truly albino then?

Coolhunter at work

Norbert Wu, Gossamer Jellyfish, look at that. a haute couture jellyfish. Quetzal by VisitGuatemala Beautiful little Mountain Bluebirds snugg.

Hippopotamus Amphibius

Fun fact: Hippos are born underwater.

Banded Mongoose

These striped critters live in troops of up to 10 members or more. They produce a pungent scent to mark their territory.