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John Stewart - gay rights & religion . He says it isn't a choice but really it is a choice. I was a lesbian then I chose to be with men again. #Misty Albrecht, an Artist, homewrecker, electrician, and "lesbian" from Santa Clara CA

One of many reasons why I respect this man so much. Thank you, Jon Stewart.

Your public position does not allow you to unilaterally impose your arbitrary…

Your public position does not allow you to unilaterally impose your arbitrary religious interpretations. We separate church from state precisely for people like Kim Davis. KY legislature please do your job and impeach Kim Davis and remove her from


I would feel a lot safer in a bathroom with a trans woman than I would with most Republicans, and especially the groper-in-chief, trump.

2014 study in the International Journal of Public Opinion Research examines why U.S. attitudes toward gays and lesbians have changed and to what extent it may be a function of popular culture.

Only Spinning Forward: On the Commercial Viability of LGBTQ Literature - The Millions

"I didn't ask her to 'civil' union me" [click on this image to see a short clip, which defends marriage equality (i.e. same sex marriage) against several common critiques from social conservative]

Best ever protest sign! I hate the idea of a civil union it's still not equal! It's sorta of an insult in my mind. "well take your fees for the civil union but really not give you all the rights"

It's funny a lot of tv shows and articles and public people have come forward to support gay rights and all these things make it seem like no big deal you are who you are but if everyone felt that way there'd be no laws against it so just waiting for those who say they are ok with it to go and vote that way otherwise don't say it...

To everyone who opposes gay marriage: You are on the wrong side of history and your bullshit will die with you.

NOM's Rally Crashed, Burned, Flopped, Failed, Fizzled, Disintegrated And Imploded All At Once

The NOM hate march in DC drew a small crowd in what was meant to be a national protest against marriage equality.

Only in America could trans people using the bathroom be considering a "public safety issue" while men carrying assault weapons at the grocery store are considered "patriots"...

Trans males are still males, most retain their penis. In some countries a large majority of rapes and sexual assaults happen because women lack safety at their most vulnerable times.

Neat article about a Republicans' opinion reversal on gay marriage.

Exclusive: One conservative's dramatic reversal on gay marriage - CNNPolitics

CNN Exclusive: One conservative's dramatic reversal on gay marriage~ The love for his son is greater than the pull of politics.

A Woman's PERFECT Response to Her Anti-Gay Neighbors -- Click for full story. "Is the GAY PRIDE [in large font and rainbow colors] display protected by free speech rights? The Orange Tree Patio Homes neighbors are shaking their heads in disgust. Sexuality is private, and Kurt's display is very, very public. It's even visible from the tennis courts." Gets surreal in 'Murica!

(that's SO gay) -- SheWired - Woman Responds to Antigay Neighbors Hate Over Pride Flag by Making House Even GAYER!

A fourth equation should show that love is love also when sex/gender is not clear cut...

Why do people care about gender? Love is love, no matter what. And how can be anything so beautiful bad, hmmm?