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Mini Maui sketches by animation supervisor Eric Goldberg

Disney Maui costume lighted fishhook

Mini Maui

Mini Maui is a character in the upcoming 2016 animated feature film, Moana. He is a sentient tattoo and the best friend of demi-god, Maui. Mini Maui is one of the many tattoos featured on the body of Maui. Mini Maui is unique in that he has a legitimate relationship with the actual Maui, serving as the latter's confidante, despite his inability to speak. His primary role is to assist Maui in visually telling the legends they've embarked on, though he can sometimes get carried away with…

Maui's tattoos Throw Blanket

maui's tattoos moana disney blue hawaiian pattern

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Super excited to see the finished movie starring @auliicravalho @therock and @alantudyk today at the Moana wrap party today ! Here's a piece I did early on that they showed at D23. More to come once the art book and the movie are released! #Disney #Moana #animation #visualdevelopment #visdev #conceptart #ocean #feature #digitalpainting #art #ryanlang #instaart #instagood

<3;-) I can't wait to see the Moana preview at Disneyland next week && take pictures with the characters!! Ryan && I love Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson && Zootopia (same creators), so my hopes are up! I refuse to watch Frozen && Tangled was mediocre... Pocahontas, Beauty && the Beast and Mulan will always be my favorite Disney movies from "the Renaissance", but Moana may be my new favorite!!

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