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Incalmo Confetti Egg Vase, Artist: Pizzichillo & Gordon. Size: 16"H x 8"W

Incalmo Confetti Egg Vase - Item Type: Glass VaseArtist: Pizzichillo & GordonCountry: USASize: x its random, seemingly moving pattern to its delightfully joyous, warm colors, periwinkle .

"Amethyst Dichroic Vase" art glass vase created by artists Ingrid & Ken Hanson. Radiant Orchid

Amethyst Dichroic Vase by Ken Hanson and Ingrid Hanson (Art Glass Vase

"Amethyst Dichroic Vase" Art Glass Vase Created by Ingrid Hanson, Ken Hanson

Josh Simpson Contemporary Glass

glass Art NEW__ Josh Simpson Contemporary Glass click throught to websiteto see

Vase à décor polychrome de motifs floraux stylisés. Rare polychrome design with strongly stylized floral motifs. 1927, Charles Catteau D1106 - F944 Marques : Ch. Catteau - D1106 - Keramis Made in Belgium… - Pierre Bergé & Associés - 06/06/2009

Belgian Art Deco Vase – Charles Catteau see more of Charles Catteau

Cranberry Optic Rib Flat Vase by Michael Trimpol and Monique LaJeunesse (Art Glass Vase) (10.5" x 10.5")

"Optic Rib Flat Lime Turquoise Cranberry with Wine Red" Art Glass Vase Created by Michael Trimpol

Murano Art Glass

Oleo, Murano Art Glass ~ Afro Celotto (in the style of Lino Tagliapietra)

David Patchen

David Patchen, is an American glass artist and designer who uses the Italian techniques of cane and murrine in an American style.