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Kawaii playa aesthetic

Kawaii playa aesthetic

P. 9: The supreme "separation", the separation that affects relational channels, represents the final stage in the transformation to the "Society of the Spectacle" as described by Guy Debord. This is a society where human relations are no longer "directly experienced", but start to become blurred in their "spectacular" representation.

“The Society of the Spectacle” (Guy Debord, 1973, Full Movie)

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Ansel elgort

The Ansel Elgort by Mark Squires 🚗 💖 😍 - Wonderland MagaIne Summer Issue

adamn: ' im really listening to 2008 taylor swift ' i put on my story

[ closed w/ froy ] i was driving down the road. i got a text from you and i went to text you back. i wasn't paying attention to the road at this moment. next thing i know i crash into a ditch and get slung through the windshield.