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dandelion puff.jpg (7044 bytes)

dandelion puff.jpg (7044 bytes)

Make a wish...

Beautiful picture of a dandelion. I wish I may. I wish I might. (blows the wish through the dandelion)

Anyone else in love with dandelion art these days?  This is b.e.a.utiful.

Teal Dandelion Print, Blue, White, Baby Neutral, Nursery Decor, Flower Photography, Powder Room Art

.I love Dandelions so much I bought a necklace with a little glass bulb with a small cork and a piece of dandelion in it. It is on a 14K chain and I love it! A friend of mine once sent them to me from around the world. Just one, in an envelope. JD

Christiane Löhr - Gehange (pendant) Regulations, 2003 A composition of dried dandelions nailed upside down

DC Hillier's MCM Daily - 1950's Textiles!

Some great textile patterns from designers including Robert Stewart, Lucienne Day, Marian Mahler, Eszter Haraszty and a few others.

Stacked Stone Collage  by erindollar

Stacked Stone Collage

Stacked Stone Collage by erindollar

花的習作。 by nicaslife

花的習作。 by nicaslife


NEW SEASON - harlequin

Richard Mauch (1874-1921): 'A Gentleman on a Summer Meadow (with dandelion)'

Richard Mauch 'A Gentleman on a Summer Meadow (with dandelion)', 1921