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An up close shot of the painted and neon wall sign.

Authenticity is paramount at NYC neighbourhood joint informed by the city's cultural heritage...

Charlie Bird

Bao Bei Chinese Brasserie on Behance

Ruedi Baur full Paris

The Isagenix building top sign proudly brands the glass building.

The freestanding 12’ tall letterset welcomes team members and visitors to the Isagenix building entrance. The fully enclosed lettering is constructed of both aluminum and steel.

Environmental Graphic Design is the the weaving of wayfinding, identity, signage, architecture, landscapes and art together as communication and a sense of place. It is in this creation of PLACE that we help greet, inform and direct people through simple, as well as complex, environments.

A stainless steel reception display brands the lobby. The reverse pan channel and flat cut out lettering is mounted to a custom perforated metal mesh material.

An up close shot of the Broadstone Waterfront LED illuminated logo.