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▪▪ Sol Jones = Sorel La Guierche ▪▪ ▪▪ A katona ▪▪  Charlie Hunnam

▪▪ Sol Jones = Sorel La Guierche ▪▪ ▪▪ A katona ▪▪ Charlie Hunnam

3 reasons (including Charlie Hunnam) why you should see Pacific Rim

3 Reasons You Should See Pacific Rim

Charlie Hunnam is a modern-day Renaissance man. Sure, he rose to fame playing a ridiculously sexy biker — who we're still lusting after — on Sons

Yummy.Charlie Hunnam "Jackson(Jax )Teller" Sons of Anarchy~~LOVE the tat-free bod and the short hair. Mighty fine!!

Charlie Hunnam - ‘Pacific Rim’ Honey, you know how you wanted to see a guy movie for once.

Pacific Rim Jaeger Pilot

New Pacific Rim Stills Focus On Our Heroes

"Pacific Rim" (Raleigh Becket played by Charlie Hunnam)

Raleigh Becket, Pacific Rim.

I knew these people. I knew what they would do to my family if I disobeyed a command or tried to dissert. Besides, I tried fighting the ideas they had put in my head since I was a boy and it was nearly impossible. This is what I had become.