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OMG!!! That is funny!

I so get this! I had a flashback and commented on a young girl's flip-flops, but called them thongs (just as we used to do back in the and Wow, I created quite a giggle fest! In Australia we call flip flops "thongs"

its sad that this is true for many people

Funny pic quote about seniors and driving!waaaa weeeee love it!


"I finally figured out my body type. Its hourglass with extra minutes." Love yourself for who you are!

Dead Man Walking - wait, that's really not funny!

"I can't remember whether I left the seat up on the toilet last night." Of course he did, he never puts the seat down!

I will never see Sponge Bob the same ever again

wrong on so many levels! Spongebob Squarepants Tank Top - Stay Classy People of Walmart - Funny Pictures at Walmart

Every man should like this

Water temperature by endowment shrinkage

a little beach humor. lol

I have thought about this since I was a little kid, how men with moobs (that's "manboobs" for those of you that don't know) can walk around topless, yet women can't. Totally bogus if you ask me.


Good Morning We all know mirrors don't lie . I'm just grateful that they don't laugh.

I give up.  How many women with PMS does it take to screw in a light bulb, funny boy?

i give up how many women with pms does it take to screw in a light bulb funny boy?

winter babies, lol

Cold weather pregnancy humor - I think my water broke - ice cubes. Baby it's cold outside. lol this will be me due in the winter