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Air umbrella produces a "force field" of air to keep you dry A team of Chinese designers has developed the Air umbrella with the aim of making tangles of metal poles and fabric a thing of the past

We will someday transform into immortal cyborgs, claims Zoltan Istvan

Will YOU live forever? Presidential candidate claims technology to transform us into immortal cyborgs is within reach | Says in 10 years a quadriplegic will outrun an Olympian using robotics | Predicts that in 20 years most of us will be choosing to have robotic eyes | He claims we could someday upload our minds to machines to live forever [Cyborgization: Transhumanism:]

for those of you that need a visual, this charger shows you the charge running to you iPhone, iPod or iPad. pretty to look at!!!

ThinkGeek’s U-Socket USB Wallplug

Scrabble goes off the table with its first handheld gadget

Hasbro is putting a high-tech gadget spin on the iconic board game with Scrabble Twist, a physical handheld game that can be played by up to eight people.

Can you create pleasure through olfactory, tactile or auditory properties? Can you embed meaning or provide means for memory association? Can you create surprise through the in-congruency of the design properties