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Police say this is one of three grab and run robberies in and around the South County Mall. http://bit.ly/1kAPpu0

Crooks knock over nun while fleeing store after “grab and go” spree

What century are we living in?: A left-handed 4-year-old in Oklahoma was forced to write with his right hand because his teacher claims being left-handed is evil and associated with the devil.

Oklahoma Teacher Tells Young Student Being Left-Handed Is Evil

Oklahoma Pre-K teacher allegedly calls being left-handed ‘evil’ and ‘sinister’

France 2 journalist Lilya Melkonian is at the scene of one of the shootings in Paris. She talks to CNN's Max Foster about the confusion and police presence in the city.

At least six shootings took place in Paris and three explosions took place at the Stade de France in Saint-Denis late Friday

“Wheel of Fortune” recently had their first-ever veteran’s week. As the contestants– all veterans– neared the final round, veteran Nura Fountano was solidly in the lead. But when the final round came, she stunned host Pat Sajack by guessing the letter Z.

Some Wheel of Fortune viewers watching the final round on Tuesday night were calling it the most bizarre ever -- others were calling it the greatest round ever. Nura Fountano, who was playing along.

Video: Cardinals roster for NLDS against the Cubs

Cardinals manager Mike Matheny announced the roster for the NLDS against the Cubs, during practice day on Thursday, Oct. 2015 at Busch Stadium in St.