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Forest leaf grasshopper Systella rafflesi by melvynyeo.deviantart.com on @deviantART

Taken at night in Singapore forest.

The Swamp of Sorrow is home to many creatures. Thousands of insects, hundreds of amphibians, dozens of mammals, and *Her*.

The Swamp of Sorrow is home to many creatures. Thousands of insects, hundreds of amphibians, dozens of mammals, and *Her*.

Cobalt Blue Tarantula - Haplopelma lividum - This tarantula species is a member of the family Theraphosidae. It inhabits the tropical rainforests in southeast Asia where it is native to Myanmar (Burma) and Thailand

Art Cobalt Blue Tarantula (Haplopelma lividum) science-and-nature

Hendy Mp, a talented wildlife photographer based in Indonesia, has captured what is probably one of the weirdest spectacles we've ever seen – a tree frog going for a wild rodeo ride on the back of a giant horned wood-boring beetle.

Photographer Captures World’s Tiniest Rodeo: Frog Riding A Beetle

Sure, riding a horse might be fun, but who wouldn't want a flying mount? This frog certainly did! Photographer Hendy Mp captured the hilarious spectacle of a frog trying to ride a beetle.

Long-Tailed Broadbill, Himalayas, Southeast Asia, Indonesia

Long-Tailed Broadbill - Himalayas, Southeast Asia, Indonesia - by myrontay ~ The Finest of Fur and Feather

May your day be filled with blessings like the sun that lights the sky, and may you always have the courage to spread your wings and fly.

little me thought dragonflies & fireflies were fairies, and that june bugs were brownies, and that lady bugs were elves.

Guinea hens They control deer ticks, wood ticks, grasshoppers, box elder bugs, flies crickets, and all other insects. Their call will discourage rodents and will kill and eat mice and small rats. They will kill snakes, and will alert you to anything unusual. Some people who live in areas where snakes are common tell how their Guineas will spot and find snakes so they can kill them before they cause any harm, and the Guineas themselves will kill snakes.

Guinea fowl---- We had one as a pet long ago and whatever you have heard about them being dumb just isn't so! Gilda was extremely intelligent and acted more like a dog than a bird.

You're welcome.

You're welcome.

Gorgeous tigers

Koucher And Niurka At Rest In The Woods by Dr. Maurice G. Hornocker - don't they look ever so beautiful?