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I AM █ █ █ █ LOCKED Everything is Sherlock and nothing hurts.

Mark Gatiss and Martin Freeman // Can't we find a moment to appreciate Martin's lovely tummy? <3<3<3

Mycroft Holmes (Mark Gatiss) and John Watson (Martin Freeman). <--- For some reason John doesn't look like John. It must be that big hunkin smile on his face!

Morarity shot himself and died....just kidding!

Andrew looks very happy - when he's supposed to be faking his suicide and being fake dead. More proof that Moriarty plays Andrew Scott.

Even Sherlock goes to the Library!

Sherlock and John visit the library. Sam and Dean visit the library. Arthur and Merlin visit the library. The Doctor visits the library. Cool guys go to libraries.

Benedict Cumberbatch ❤️

Benedict Cumberbatch behind the scenes of Sherlock (His look is so "I have this covered Ladies No worries, NOT DEAD!

How cute is he?!?!

Sherlock drugging John's coffee <- oh my Moffat I never noticed his face doing that "oh look at innocent me drugging you" it's adorable.

The purple shirt of...! I'll just let you finish that sentence. If you know the ending, I love you for it.

omg the purple shirts. Sherlock's purple shirt and neck porn drives me a lil' crazy, so many good looking men in purple shirts.

YES!!! It broke my heart when John blames Sherlock

It broke my heart when John blames Sherlock and when he was so close to cheating on Mary

(Ahahahahaha! Look at Martin going "NO. My hand on his shoulder. Go away, Mycroft. You're mean to Sherlock.")

sherlockspeare: “chantokita: “ More photo’s from today, taken by me. ” That hand on Benedict’s shoulder is Martin’s, right? And the hand on his hand is Mark’s.