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How it should be

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter - Lincoln chasing Edward Cullen from Twilight. This would make me want to see Twilight!


Why Men Should Not Own Action Figures ;) Why Men Should Not Own Action Figures ;) Why Men Should Not Own Action Figures ;

Will Smith imitating Jayden Smith lol

I'm looking for Kristen Stewart. She smiles like this. Humorous Men in Black and Twilight picture.

When Ellen defied Team Edward and Team Jacob.

The 35 Greatest Moments Ever On "The Ellen Show"

This is why Ellen is the greatest: she got Kristen Stewart to laugh. I don't think I saw her smile one in all five Twilight movies, let alone laugh!


Photogenic Guy in Hunger Games. I just thought it up. Zeddie little ridiculously Photogenic guy hunger games

Samenvatting Romeo en Julia

Yup, I've never been a huge fan of Shakespeare. Romeo and Juliet was OK, but for me, A Midsummer Night's Dream was UNBEARABLE. My favourite Shakespeare is Merchant of Venice.

I'm not a violent person, and I don't totally hate Twilight but you have to admit this is funny...

Made my night seriously. I enjoy the fact that Robert downey jr shares the same thoughts i have on twilight. Sorry twilight lover folk. Robert Downey jr has spoken !

British version of haters gonna hate...

Naysayers gonna naysay (the U. version of "Haters gonna hate")

Python Style - Cheezburger

Python Style

Funny pictures about Riding Invisible Horses. Oh, and cool pics about Riding Invisible Horses. Also, Riding Invisible Horses.

Loved this song when it came out - yet another Brit that gave me butterflies.

Never gonna give you up. Never gonna let you down. Never gonna run around and desert you. Never gonna make you cry. Never gonna say goodbye. Never gonna tell a lie and hurt you. I'm listening to this song all the time.

14 Celebrity Lookalikes Like Zooey Deschanel and Katy Perry

Funny pictures about Celebrity look alikes. Oh, and cool pics about Celebrity look alikes. Also, Celebrity look alikes photos.

Funny, Twilight

Funny pictures about How I feel when watching Twilight. Oh, and cool pics about How I feel when watching Twilight. Also, How I feel when watching Twilight.

willy wonka meme - Google Search

gene wilder is actually in amazing films: The ORIGINAL Willy Wonka Chocolate Factory,Young Frankenstein, Blazing Saddles, and The Producers. just sayin.