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HOW HORSES TOUCH YOUR SOUL! The moment when a horse touches your souls.. Other

Description: The moment when a horse touches your souls.

Haha this is so true! They look at you like... Well dummy...

I'm Just a Little Dis-Trot

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I just bought an Buckskin Andalusian colt. I hope he turns out this beautiful.

How to Construct a Cheap Horse Shelter (5 Steps) | eHow

How to Construct a Cheap Horse Shelter

Miniature horse barn construction presents a set of challenges that you'll tackle by considering the animal's different size and different housing requirements.

Girls...and their horses :)

If you cant live without a horse then you re a county girl I love Thai quote

Yerim seni..

Come here kitty! Horse gently nibbling cats tail while dog looks on. Funny group of barn friends.

Run free and be who you are

Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron is one of my favorite movies,it just makes so much sense and I love it! the horses are so pretty and i could watch that movie every day!

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8bb1d9087fc37567ad713197d6d3dedb.jpg 518×750 pixels

welcoming the newborn. so adorable!

so nurturing. look how excited they are about the baby. all of the females welcome the baby into the herd. so human. I once saw a nature program on TV where they filmed wild horses welcoming the new baby into the herd, just like in this photo.