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"I went mining one day." Yeah we get it. "Then I heard a ssssss'in sound" don't you normally make it? "Its a creeper!" Hmm..?

Photos of new Lego Minecraft sets leaked

What's better than Minecraft parodies? Minecraft Lego sets. That's right, Lego is reportedly coming out with new Minecraft versions in November, but photos

Frigate Minecraft Ship - Oh my gosh! That probably took FOREVERRRR! I could see my brother-in-law Todd doing a project like this! So cool looking!

40 Minecraft DIY Crafts & Party Ideas

Do your kids like Minecraft? It’s no surprise, Minecraft is a popular favorite with boys and girls today. We’ve found you 40 fun Minecraft DIY crafts to try. Many of them you can make with your child, or they can make with a bit of adult supervision, depending on their age and craft skills level. …