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Men who flex when they have no muscles whatsoever. A lot of women are turned off by this, and a man will go from being the cutest man .

Faith In Humanity Restored. My heart has just been horribly but beautifully mutilated by the actions of your boyfriend.

Sometimes we have to make the decision to be happy. it takes more energy to be angry, and you lose time you will never get back. Consider your choice to be happy. in All things.

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It saddens me that aggressive and abusive behavior of men is considered sexy in…

Endless Intoxication

Funny pictures about And then the fight started. Oh, and cool pics about And then the fight started. Also, And then the fight started.

I wonder if anybody's actually had feelings for me

This, is so true. Everything about them is so beautiful. The way they walk, their smile, their hair, their personality especially.

Homie, lover&friend!

Enjoy Loving Quotes Ok. Not every girl has a boyfriend. Not every girl has a true love. If you DO have a boyfriend AND a true love and they aren't the same person, what's wrong with you?

Well...she did write an "essay".......it's sad that it took all this for some non black women who "love" black men to now get involved (scared/concerned) more off the strength of their realization that they have or will have little black children. Welcome to a part of our world.

Its Absolutely Nothing Wrong with Dating Outside of your Race. But don't look down on black women like we're Below other races. It Shows your own insecurities they u have With yourself. Theres Beautiful Women in all races.


Hahaha well we all know this will be my kid. Minus the Taylor Swift thing. I think that'd bother my future husband. He's either going to be Harry Styles or one of the boys and our daughter listening to Taylor Swift might be awkward.

Girlfriend in boyfriend

15 Things a girl wants from her guy but won't ask for. Guys, this is a true list. After being in a relationship, these are the kinds of things I wanted from my guy but I was too shy to ask for because I thought I would be annoying him. Make her happy~