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"'The grass is pink,' Mary said, tugging on the hand of the Lady. 'Well of course it is,' she answered. 'What other color would it be?'"

dreamy fairy forest clearing with pink flowers covering forest floor, ethereal hazey lighting, pink blossom flower trees

Verona, Italy. Definitely have to do Northern Italy for another trip.

Verona, Italy "In fair Verona where we lay our scene" from Romeo and Juliet

Japanese Cherry Blossoms

green and white blossoms with pinky/red middles, who doesn't love the look of a cherry blossom tree?

Osaka Castle, Osaka, Japan

Osaka Castle, Osaka, Japan, osaka has relatively no crime, children stay out till about mid night

.GRACIOUS HEAVENLY FATHER, We long to be your instrument or YOUR vessel,of honor to be used by you, but first FATHER GOD. teach us love.----Amen

lori-rocks: In a quiet forest (by Jose Luis Casti).i love to walk with him, here beneath the trees with the dying sunlight filtering through the trees.