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「triadische ballet」の画像検索結果

「triadische ballet」の画像検索結果

1925 Oscar Schlemmer Escalier de femmes

"Escalier de femmes" by germen artist Oscar Schlemmer

Bauhaus Costume, via Flickr.

Oscar Schlemmer: Costume for Triadic Ballet, 1922 Schlemmer (Sep. 1888 – was a German painter, sculptor and designer associated with the Bauhaus school. School was closed by Hitler for being too modern


Art History: Bauhaus 1897-1993:

Bauhaus Triadic Ballet costumes by Oskar Schlemmer, Inspired in part by Schoenberg's Pierrot Lunaire and his observations and experiences during the First World War, Oskar Schlemmer began to conceive of the human body as a new artistic medium.

Bauhaus, the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation’s magazine, has devoted an entire issue to Oskar Schlemmer, whose famous works helped helm the design school's early aesthetic

Oskar Schlemmer: The Bauhaus Master of Multimedia Design

a Triadic Ballet dancer from my story on "Oskar Schlemmer: Bauhaus Master of Multimedia Design".

Oskar Schlemmer: transformation of the human form

Illustrations for Theater at the Bauhaus. Figure with Geometry and Spatial Delineation, Spatial Delineation with Figure, Stages in Dramatic Gesture, From a Choric.


Oskar Schlemmer y la producción del Cuerpo, del espacio y del movimiento.

Costume: "Triadic Ballet" by Oscar Schlemmer/ Bauhaus, 1922

Các thiết kế của Oscar Schlemmer từ thập niên 20 cho vở ballet tại trường Bauhaus. Nó mang cảm hứng tương lai, hiện đại và cả kì quái.

oscar schlemmer bauhaus ballet costumes on display in a stuttgart, germany museum - we take short skirts for granted today, but this costume was designed in the