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later... lolol story of my life!!

It's so much more fun looking for procrastination pictures than do actual work.

@Kelcie Evans.....I'm sorry!! but kind of not really....

Lost: my friends, they're all on missions or getting married now.

When life is overwhelming, toss the "To Do List" and write and "I Did It" list and watch your confidence soar.

Time Management Tip 27: Create an I Did It List

Time Management Tip Create an I Did It List - Snail Pace Transformations

Replace coffee with diet coke and then we are talking good start to a day!!

Free, Reminders Ecard: Today I need a gallon of coffee to start my day and a gallon of wine to finish my day.

Even though I have 2 sisters and none of us live together, I still love them <3

Honestly, my sister(s) never gives me a reason to be mad at them. I absolutely LOVE, MISS, & ADORE my sister(s) so much!


I NEVER FINISH ANYTH by brad rose © - i do not take credit for the quote an old poster idea i did in foundation. it was really just a mini self initiated project where i took pieces of graffiti and.

Said no one ever! Grrrrr!

I like to make lists // I also like to leave them laying on the kitchen counter & then guess what's on the list while at the store // fun game

Tips to make progress

February Unstuck Advice: Tips for Paralyzed Procrastinators. Used these strategies today. Feeling stuck and lacking confidence. They helped a bit.