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Not being a disrespectful little kid . If something simple bothers you its within yourselves! So fix it stop blaming everyone. That will get you no where!

Avis and Cordi after he finally tells Cordi why he was really banished and I AM SO USING THIS!!

The secret passage Gemma uses to flee the castle the night of her husband's murder. One of the assassins decides to spare her life and she escapes through here, ending up in the East Side of the city.

Jack looked at Molly's unconscious form on the floor. He turned his glare to the man he once thought to be his friend. "You touch her again," he said through gritted teeth. "And I swear, I will kill you Noah Vice."

"But I've got better luck in my head; we're just ghosts inside my bed." -This Side of Paradise by Hayley Kiyoko