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#seinfeld...love this episode esp. george's lines!  jason alexander plays this episode very well!

this episode esp. jason alexander plays this episode very well!

As an alternative to favours {which can become costly as the guest list rises}, donate to a charity which is close to your heart. Charities will often send pin badges and cards for each guest explaining that money has been donated in replacement of a favour.  *This sign From Seinfeld must go up!

The Human Fund: Money for People

Vintage SEINFELD george costanza the human fund money for people T-shirt size L/XL

Everyone should watch it.

Free and Funny TV Ecard: The fact that you dont enjoy watching Seinfeld seriously makes me question your intellect.

Kramerica Industries

Kramerica Industries

This Seinfeld shirt features the logo for Kramerica Industries Summer Internship Program, the company started by Cosmo Kramer.

You know you just read that in George Castanzas voice;)

Relationship George - George Costanza Baseball Tee