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Long skirts are flowing photos)

I have fantastic legs and show them off - these colors aren't my favorite but short structured skirts work great.

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Find your inspiration @ dapperNdame. Patchwork Suede Skirt Fall Inspo by We Wore What

I love it so much!

I'm not really a fan of short skirts or mini skirts at all, but this color combination is perfect.

Selena Gomez als Lacey Pemberton. Ze is één van de mooiste meisjes van de school. "Het moet worden gezegd dat Lacey Pemberton heel mooi was."  "Schitterende olijfkleurige huid. Benen waardoor je ineens om benen gaat geven. Volmaakt in model gebrachte bruine krullen" Lacey is nogal wat bazig.

Selena Gomez showcases new designs for Adidas

Pink Plain Pleated Loose Zipper Sweet Short Skirt

Pink Plain Pleated Loose Zipper High Waisted Sweet Skater Short Mini Skirt