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Tips from a military wife on how to protect your pet when PCSing overseas

The Sweetest (and Scariest) Small Dog Behaviors—Which Breed Is Best for You?

Don’t Do Another Military PCS Move (or any Move) Without Reading This!  Probably one of THE best checklists I've seen so far!

\Military PCS Move Tips! Even if you've done it before, reminders are always helpful.

Advice for when and how to get a lower rental rate. Even rent can be negotiated. - I have actually done this myself!

Power Struggle: Pay Less for Rent

RESERVED listing for Beth

RESERVED listing for Beth

Long Distance Love Personalized Map Gift Art by ArthursPlaidPants

Whats in Your Toolbox Keys for Military Spouse Resiliency 247x300 Whats in Your Toolbox?

Resiliency in the Military: Discovering tools you need for this lifestyle including physical, emotional, and mental resiliency tools.