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Kids gifts for their teachers....dry erase markers, lemon or wild orange essential oil, peppermint beadlets and @seakissedbykris keychain in a small mason jar...complete with a homemade poem on how to use the oil to clean their dry erase boards. Hope they love it! ‪#‎giftideas‬ ‪#‎teachergift‬ ‪#‎keychain‬ ‪#‎beachglass‬ ‪#‎lemonoil‬ ‪#‎wildorange‬ oil ‪#‎personalizedgifts‬ ‪#‎peppermint‬ @doterra ‪#‎ohanahealth‬ ‪#‎masonjar‬ ‪#‎reducereuserecycle‬ ‪#‎homemade‬

Varicose/Spider Vein Blend: 30 drops Cypress essential oil 20 drops Lavender essential oil 10 drops any citrus oil (I used Lemon) For bulging varicose veins add 50 drops Helichrysum to 8 ounces of an all natural lotion and apply.!/OneDoterraCommunity

DIY Pretty Legs Cream Using Essential Oils DIY Pretty Legs Cream Using Essential Oils - Sweet Simple Living

DIY Shower Decongestant "Drops"! If you have allergies, a cold, or just a stuffy nose, t's a great idea to have some of easy-to-make all natural decongestant drops to help you breathe better and ease sinus congestion! Great homemade gift for anyone under the weather! Check out how simple these are to make!