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Fucking Mettaton, that what it looked like

Flawless, an absolute flawless Mettaton Gem, it’s clearly taken the role of the star, and really wants to get into fashion and be fabulous


has this been done yet SU steven universe Blue Diamond ? yellow diamond su comic this indeed has happened.

I do not like this one but it’s funny

He is a 11 year old boy AND he is his own mother I think genders are bullshit in this case >_><< excuse u steven is 14 years old thank you very much

I laughed so hard, it brought tears to my eyes

iph ur evel n ur on teh rsie u can cownt on teh for of us tekin u doun cuz wer gud and evel nver baets us wll wni teh fihgt n den gow owt fer pitsas