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Not really a lover or a hater of One Direction, but DAMN this is funny.

Still a better band than One Direction! One Direction fans love it loool

Pi day 2015  March 14, 2015 @9:26:52 3.14159253

So, March every year is Pi day. As in π not pie the delicious yummy treat. So, all the math geeks get their own day! But, March in the year 2015 will be super uber cool.

He's probably feeling really cool, considering the amount of fans he has there.

Thank you to all my fans

Funny pictures about Pick up line level genius. Oh, and cool pics about Pick up line level genius. Also, Pick up line level genius.

this literally made me laugh out loud!!!

Veteran Gingerbread Man

Funny pictures about Veteran Gingerbread Man. Oh, and cool pics about Veteran Gingerbread Man. Also, Veteran Gingerbread Man photos.

Pinterest II: Optimizing Content For Pinterest | Social Media Today

This is for real guys. I totally tried to find something just today that I didn't pin. I thought 'oh, i can find it again. you can try, but you just can't find it.

» Student who obtained 0 on an exam

Funny pictures about Smart student. Oh, and cool pics about Smart student. Also, Smart student photos.

Inappropriate use of quotation marks...one of my biggest pet peeves!

Funny pictures about Suspicious quotation marks. Oh, and cool pics about Suspicious quotation marks. Also, Suspicious quotation marks photos.

Make sure you always keep an eye out on your kids, or else they may end up in one of these weird situations. The last one cracks me up! Lol

Having kids is literally like dealing with drunk people all day. The cats face in the last picture is priceless!