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Beauty Competitions of the 1930s Were All About Hot and Sexy Ankles

The Radio Queen was Elmira Humphries. She wore this "Radio Queen" costume that was covered in cardboard lightning bolts.

vintage everyday: 24 Strange Beauty Queens and Pageants from the Past

It’s not clear when exactly humans began to worship beauty, but it’s pretty sure that the idea has been around for a long time, judging from.

圆谷50周年特辑-Ultra Heroines(自扫高清) - 特摄事务所(Tokusatsu Firm) - 奥特曼中国联盟:经典从这里得到发扬 - © 2003-2015 Ultramanclub.com|m-78.cn|Ultraman.club

圆谷50周年特辑-Ultra Heroines(自扫高清) - 特摄事务所(Tokusatsu Firm) - 奥特曼中国联盟:经典从这里得到发扬 - © 2003-2015 Ultramanclub.com|m-78.cn|Ultraman.club

viaThe Vault of the Atomic Space Age http://ift.tt/2dOrLsX

I found this picture by Art Kane a while ago and became obsessed. It is one of the few pictures I can look at over and over. Also my preference for photos of women in space helmets was born.

TatiTati Style ♔ Pearls

two modified main parts which alternated. The parts are connected in RAW with and japanese seed beads As embellishement in the cente,r I took bicone crystals mm) and facetted Glass beads mm). The lace consists of Miyuki duracoat gold size

Charles Fréger - Wilder Mann

The result of photographer Charles Freger’s months traveling in Europe researching costumes and customs. “more than actual carnivals or folklore, what I was trying to represent was the community of.

When I saw this I was immediately reminded of societies pressure on women and particularly young girls to be "dazzlingly like gold"

Beautiful editorial gold leaf makeup look for a fashion photography shoot

Mol aka “Silvar” in the US version monsterman:  Ambassador Magma aka The Space Giants

i wish ♥_♥ Space Babe. From Novocaine Lipstick. I am looking for and scifi covers featuring women. This is close but they don't usually wear this much.


Glitter makeup is turning heads everywhere. If you like glitter makeup, you’ll love these 10 beautiful and stunning looks. “ 10 Glitter & Shimmer Eyes Makeup Tips & Looks for Valentines Day ”

Liking my positronic brainwave emitter? Good, any questions?

- Retro Futurism - Vintage Sci Fi - Robot - on Space Ship with ray gun