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Christmas ornament Halloween decoration skull by MummersDream

I love these! Heading to Dollar Tree tomorrow! "Halloween decoration skull skeleton goth creepy by MummersDream"

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The Sensuous, Beautiul ex-libris of Alphonse Inoue

Amazing ex-libris art by the enigmatic Japanese artist Alphonse Inoue,

Famed for his long winded overuse of old English language ,such as 'The Raven' ( The Simpsons did a whole Halloween special on his work 'The Raven ' ( words such as 'quoth' get used in large measure, but somehow give a gothic feel to his work ⭐️

Edgar Allan Poe Art Print 8 x 10 - With Skeleton - Altered Art - Goth - Skull

Inter Vitam et Mortem by ~swanguin on deviantART

A few weeks ago I asked if someone could give me ideas and suggested a skull with butterflies. This is what I came up with Took me about 3 hours and I u. Inter Vitam et Mortem