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Abu Faour warns of cancerous pesticides

Abu Faour warns of cancerous pesticides after 45 different know carcinogens found in the food supply. Many think that pesticides like DDT are no longer made or used. THAT IS NOT TRUE. It is still made, sold to countries that have not outlawed, and then we can import food with that pesticide. Buy organic, buy local | News , Lebanon News | THE DAILY STAR

Everyday is Earth Day for all Earth's Children. Pesticides are the #1 cause of birth defects. Moms buy 85% of the food. GMOs/pesticides are impacting fertility and IQ level. With 86% of Canadian pregnant women testing positive for pesticides in their urine. Charging how our government and food dollars are spent to keep organic fruits and vegetables cheaper and more accessible helps us protect the health of our children.

Why Pesticides CAN'T Be Rinsed Off? NUTRITION FACTS. #SmartHealthTalk Top Recommendation to watch. Do you think you can wash pesticides off produce? Actually only 15% can be washed off. How are these pesticides effecting our children? Does eating organic lower the amount of pesticides our children or ourselves are exposed? What birth defect is happening to our male babies and what is causing it? Dr. Michael Greger explains.

Smart Health Talk Pick: Do you think people would buy this broccoli if had a tag w/info on how many pesticides, carcinogens, neurotoxins, hormone disrupters were added? Understand my frustration as a dietitian that wants to heal with food? How can the body heal when it has to put all energy into dealing with the poisons that have just been dumped on it. Buy at farmers market or have delivered to your house by local farmer you find: Reasons why.

New Study: “Ours is the third study to specifically link autism spectrum disorders to pesticide exposure, whereas more papers have demonstrated links with developmental delay,” said lead author Janie F. Shelton, from the University of California, Davis. More here: #pregnancy #autism #food #pesticides #contamination

9 Disgusting Facts about Thanksgiving

Domestic chemically grown cranberries contain as many as 13 different residues of pesticides known to cause cancer, hormone disruption, or neurological problems. #Organic #Thanksgiving

This is a list of companies owned by Monsanto. The list says 'stop buying processed food and start buying from farmers markets or better still, grow your own!'

Is your organic food really organic? If you buy organic foods with ingredients from China, it may not actually be "Organic". Mike Adams from Natural News explores the corrupt world of Chinese organics, and how some American companies turn a blind eye to the issue.

GM foods for children. #SmartHealthTalk: We know deformities continue. Questions raised for GENETIC PASSPORTS. Will some of us be genetically deformed from GMOs/Pesticides population so big rules for having children will be issued because know genetic damage prevents having normal child. Ask Chernoby descendants. Still passing on defects. Take on this happy subjects every THURSDAY @ 4:00 pm PST. to LISTEN LIVE. Being a smart shopper is another way to protect our families.