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High Fashion Makeup Look Complete With Creative And Beautiful Fishtail Braids.I'm actually pinning this for the fishtail braids !

disco pop make up

Love this makeup from one of Vivienne Westwoods shows! Maybe something more low key would be more appropriate for me though?

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Floral makeup can be different. As in the truest sense - created using live flowers. As figuratively - with painted plants.


Sweet and Spicy Bacon Wrapped Chicken Tenders

Helene Desmettre - France

Makeup Inspiration. My Collection of Pics of the Best Makeup

just saw something like this but lower, pouring hair down one side and over the shoulder. amazing!

Cascading french braid-pinned this in case we need directions on how to do this-also called a waterfall braid

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Festival Inspired ✨ Shadow in Fudge, Burnt Orange, Party Dress and Vanilla Corrupt Shadow /napoleonperdis/ Loose Eye Dust in Mosaic Gold + Fuchsia Shock Brow Powder in Blonde /napoleonperdis/ Wand-er Brow 'Stripped' Liquid Lipstick

braid beanie... i would never do this but it is very cool.

Pretty Ways to Crown Braid Your Hair Romantic and feminine are two words to describe braided crown hairstyles. thee are many types but we'll be

This unique fishtail braid was created by weaving two smaller fishtail braids together.

30 Unique Braids from Pinterest

braids, braids, braids (three fishtail braids braided together)


Faux hawk hairstyle synonymous with men. What if women use? The Faux Hawk is a cool hairstyle. Not only men, many women who wear this hairstyle. Faux hawk is an