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oliviatheelf: “ faceacne: “ crownedrose: “ “ Fluorite ” it’s like a chunk of the night sky ” It is like….a chunk of fluorite ” ^Ruins the imagination party for everyone.

Fluorite,Aggregate of transparent cubic crystals beveled by the faces of the dodecahedron. Their color is between violet and blue, with diffuse color zoning. The simple has, on its back, some remains of Calcite that prove the locality is “Filón Josefa-Veneros”, one of the great classics of Spanish mineralogy. Filón Josefa-Veneros, La Collada, Siero, Asturias  Spain   Specimen size: 8.3 × 7.7 × 5.5 cm = 3.3” × 3.0” × 2.2”

Fluorite aggregate of cubic crystals with color zoning (backlit) / Filón Josefa-Veneros, Spain

Wulfenite from Arizona by Exceptional Minerals

My favorite minerals: Azurite~Chalcopyrite~Dioptase~Opal~Rhodochrosite~ Tourmaline

C.C.Ben. Garden of the Gods C.C.Benscoter [Brookville Pa] and G.E. Colvin [Warren, Pa.] June 4, 1904 at Balanced Rock , Garden of the Gods. This is my great-grandfather and his friend.  What a character he must have been.  His personality comes through his photographs and letters almost as a force of Nature.

Benscoter [Brookville Pa] and G. Colvin [Warren, Pa] June 1904 at Balanced Rock, Garden of the Gods.

Trinitite (AKA atomsite or Alamogordo glass), is the glassy residue left on the desert floor after the Trinity nuclear bomb test on 7/16/45 near Alamogordo, NM. It's primarily composed of arkosic sand composed of quartz grains and feldspar (both microcline and smaller amount of plagioclase with small amount of calcite, hornblende and augite in a matrix of sandy clay) that was melted by the atomic blast. It is usually a light green, although color can vary. It is mildly radioactive.

This is Trinitite, a remnant of the first ever atomic bomb blast. Also known as Alamogordo glass, it was left on the desert floor after the Trinity nuclear bomb test on 16 July near Alamogordo,.

Bolder Opal

mineralia: “ sun-hawk submitted: Amazing Rare Opalized Wood Boulder Opal with Bright Emerald Green and Blue Growth Rings.