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Blade Runner por GabeFarber

Blade Runner is one of those films you never forget, an incredible sci-fi masterpiece. I put this together after watching the recent Final Cut release. Coloured pencils and marker on chipboard

A new book, The Art of John Alvin, collects Alvin’s best work, along with a wealth of unseen sketches. | This Alternate "Blade Runner" Poster Art Is Unreal

A new book,

'Blade Runner' taller de maquetas, vía Imgur. Señala encima de la imagen para verla más grande.

Making of Blade Runner Models. Don’t miss this impressive gallery of the making of Blade Runner Original Models.

from Marvel Super Special #22, page 8

One of the most interesting movie adaptations published in Marvel Super Special was the adaptation of Ridley Scott’s 1982 film Blade Runner (Marvel Super Special Sept The comic-book version was written by Archie…