Me encanta el don de creatividad que ha sido distribuido por todo el mundo y mucho mas cuando se puede comer LOL ;)

Ever seen something that is just too good to eat, well this is one such cake. So different from the traditional wedding cakes. Royal Iced Asian Wedding Cake - by MelysCakeDesign

Gorgeous for a fairy tale wedding [ ] #wedding #events #entertainment

15 Enchanting Fairy Tale Crafts You Can Own

Wedding cake

Golden Dragon Wedding Cake I have waited a very long time to be able to finally work on this wedding cake. My awesome client gave me.

Couture Events-  Vendor Love :: Hey There, Cupcake !

The prettiest cake I have ever seen Heythere cupcake - san diego wedding cake, cakes san diego. I love the black and gold together.

A cake that is an homage to George Seurat's "Sunday Afternoon in the Park"-the cake was 7 ft.high! As the author of the article states, the "only  thing missing was the monkey on a leash,& the girl fishing who may or may not have been a reference to prostitution-yay, art, keeping it classy!"* *C cakewreck

Georges Pierre Seurat painted cake 'A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte'

cherry blossom cake! would love a small version of this with cupcakes surrounding it!

This is a Ron Ben-Israel cake. THAT is how a blossom cake is done, no thick brown worms with teeny little pallid flowers!