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Eight Compelling Themes for Dystopian Settings

Mad Max 2:The Road Warrior(1981)Australia__My Rating:8.1/10__Director:George Miller__Stars:Mel Bibson、Bruce Spence、Michael Preston、Vernon Wells、Emil Minty

Two new books describe in great detail the way the CIA successfully covered its tracks and the mechanisms it used to get a Russian-language edition of Boris Pasternak’s Doctor Zhivago published in Europe.

Adam Chitwood digs deep and runs down the 20 most exciting cinematographers working today, from veterans like Roger Deakins to newcomers like It Follows' DP

Never—until I jumped the casting table from actor to director, casting director, and teacher—had I realized how much inept, incorrect, assumed information about the entertainment business and how-to-be-an-actor is spread by incompetent, misinformed actors themselves.

5 Biggest Mistakes a Theater Actor Makes On a Film Set--Really helpful. Glad I've heard this at least once before jumping into the professional world.

Seven Bible Verses For Encouragement As You Prepare For Final Exams

In today's fast-paced life, how do we react with people, how do we converse with them all these determine many things including what we are and what we want to become, says a new self book 'Life Lingua' penned by bureaucrat Saumitra Mohan.

How To Master Social Media To Get Ahead

What is the company culture like in your organization? Are your employees united by common values and a common purpose, or do they operate in free-for...