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This is one insane topwater muskie bite you’ll never believe.

This is One Insane Topwater Muskie Bite You'll Never Believe

This is an insane topwater muskie bite. A hatcam video provides a bird's eye view of one of the most exciting takes in all of fishing.

Chinook are called “spring salmon,” because some spawn at this time of year. Historically, chinook salmon were the first salmon of the year that First Nations of British Columbia would fish. The chinook live most of their lives out on the ocean, returning to where they were born in freshwater streams to spawn and give life to the next generation.

The Majority of California Trout and Salmon Species are at Risk of Extinction

Hilarious Fail Video Shows Why Angry Fishing is a Bad Idea - Wide Open Spaces

Life Pro Tip: Never Fish Angry, or You'll End Up Like This

If you are going to go fishing, don't go angry fishing.

Texas Couple Catches Record-Breaking Bass with a McDonald's Chicken Nugget

Man Breaks Texas Largemouth Bass Record Using Chicken McNuggets As Bait

It’s the bass that setting the internet on fire! “Ryan Reynolds of San Mateo just caught and carefully released this huge 19 lbs,” according to the Lake Chabot Facebook page. And, he did it all from a rented skiff! According to WesternBass.com: Reynolds’ largmouth shattered the standing lake record set in 2002 by Louis Vasquez for a...  Read more »

Monster Largemouth Bass Caught in California Lake is a New Record - Wide Open Spaces

Possibly the Worst Thing You Can Do to Another Fisherman

The Most Frustrating Thing You Can Do to Another Fisherman

Here it is, in all its poor etiquette: this is likely the worst thing you can do to another fisherman to ruin his fishing outing.

From birth to death, anyone can fish. I just think it's fantastic to see old people going fishing with young people and teaching them things. I'm very, very critical.  https://www.coastalfishing.com/collections/all-products?utm_content=bufferf1c87&utm_medium=social&utm_source=pinterest.com&utm_campaign=buffer #saltwaterfishing #deepseafishing #offshore #anglers #coastalfishing

After Ray Johnstone, an elderly widower, posted a classified ad in search of a fishing partner, Mati Batsinilas answered and took him on a trip.

A chocolate surgeonfish, an exotic invader from the Indo-Pacific, was in Palm Beach County waters.Akins said the removal might have averted an ecological disaster similar to the spread of lionfish — another Indo-Pacific invader now well-established in the Western Atlantic, Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean. Lionfish — first sighted off Dania Beach in 1985 and believed to be an abandoned aquarium pet — have been blamed for wiping some local reef systems clean of native tropical fish.

Two Florida divers found and removed an invasive surgeonfish before the nonnative species had a chance to reproduce.

Your Head Will Explode When You Hear How Many Pounds of Carp Got Removed From This River

Your Head Will Explode When You Hear How Many Pounds of Carp Got Removed From This River

There are carp everywhere. Any many different types of carp. But while attempting to catch Black Carp, IDNR's efforts result in the catch and removal of a staggering lbs of the invasive Asian Carp.

Shocked angler helplessly watches as hammerhead eats tarpon hooked off Florida coast.

Shocked Angler Helplessly Watches As Hammerhead Eats Tarpon Hooked off Florida Coast

This angler can't do anything other than watch helplessly as a hammerhead eats a tarpon he had hooked on a fishing trip off Tampa, Florida.

Ott Defoe on Small Swimbaits for Winter Smallmouth - Wide Open Spaces

Ott Defoe on Small Swimbaits for Winter Smallmouth

Using small swimbaits can make a big difference when fishing for coldwater smallmouth. Professional Bass Angler Ott Defoe explains how.

This Guy Fillets a 150-Pound Tuna in Less Than 2 Minutes [VIDEO]

This Guy Fillets a 150-Pound Tuna in 2 Minutes Flat

Como pescar black bass #pesca #fishing #sportfishing

If you are ever unsure of what type of bass you've caught, this article is for you. Learn about bass identification.

Watch This Dude Nearly Tackle the Biggest Brown Trout You’ve Ever Seen

8 Ridiculously Useful PVC Hunting Projects You Can Do This Weekend

Fishing Guide Takes a Day Off, Ends up Wrestling a Brown Trout

The luck this kayak angler had while fishing will leave you jealous.

Kayak Angler Rips Bass After Bass out of the Water

The luck this kayak angler had while fishing will leave you jealous as he rips bass after bass from this small farm pond.