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is Radio, rediscovered - The 'Soul Time' Lowdown Mix From The Duke ! () by 'Soul Time' in 'Music For Your Soul'

Wallpaper razer adaro, razer, headphones

Wallpaper razer adaro, razer, headphones

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Just imagine your Smartphone without internet. Yes, it can’t be imagined. Atleast I can’t. So you need to save the things without which you can’t imagine your life. Internet is one of those things. You can’t every time pay huge prices for unlimited data plans. You have to save data. So how can you do that? Stop using internet. No, off course not. Actually the thing is that many of the Applications on Android use internet bandwidth running in the background. Messaging Apps like WhatsApp and…

Save Data!! Block Internet Access in Specific Apps on Android!!

Technology AMD  Wallpaper

Technology AMD Wallpaper


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Here are some interesting and unique ways to be socially responsible.

Just how much trouble is Samsung really in? | The world's biggest smartphone maker appears to be in trouble: profits are down for the third year running and rivals are chipping away. Buying advice from the leading technology site

Just how much trouble is Samsung really in?

Samsung finally revealed its long-rumored Galaxy Alpha in August, but the metal smartphones may be only the beginning.