Naruto - Kakashi Hatake x Rin Nohara - KakaRin

This is really pretty! Kakashi and Rin. naruto manga with Minato Team 7

Kakashi Rin Obito- Boys by BotanofSpiritWorld

Kakashi Rin Obito- Boys by BotanofSpiritWorld Someone's got the right idea

One of the biggest goosebump moments in Naruto was that moment, when he thought she was dead, and God help the poor soul who did it

hurt me all you want but the minute you try to lay a finger on her, you're gonna have to deal with a demon straight from hell

Kakashi,Obito,Rin-Valentine's Day by on @DeviantArt

Kakashi,Obito,Rin-Valentine's Day by BotanofSpiritWorld on DeviantArt

This explains so much...

Lol, I love the idea that Temari's the reason that Kankuro wears his hat but we all know she wouldn't dare touch Gaara's head. Plus, I already know Kankuro dresses like that in theme with his puppets, not to hide his hair. Still this is a funny joke.