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The Buzz Aldrin Moon shines in our living room.

The Buzz Aldrin Moon shines in our living room.

Love quote You be the sun, Ill be the moon- just let your light come shining through; and when night comes, just like the moon, Ill shine the light right back to you.

Love poem, you be the sun, Ill be the moon, phases of the moon, love poetry, gifts for her

Moon poetry art phases of the moon moon quote by Riverwaystudios

Get back here moon moon

Get back here moon moon

May you dance swiftly to your heart's grace, for your true beauty must shine through, my dear. ohwaitimean wow such dance

Every time I see the moon your face is reflected there… not a day goes by I don’t think of you and wonder why.

Beautiful pic of the moon kissing the ocean. Good luck with your own romantic endeavors.

moon moon moon!

I see the moon.The moon sees me.God bless the moon.And God bless me.

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Moonlight on the ocean

Blue Moonlight Swim, love the moon on the water

If your goal is happiness  Do not cause unhappiness  In any way to others.  What is around you is a reflection of what is inside of you.  Whatever – in whatever way you touch another  Let your touch bring joy, not sorrow, or pain.

I see the moon, and the moon sees me. God Bless the moon and God bless me. Do you see the moon? The moon sees you. God Bless the moon and God bless you.

Look at the stars and moon that shine for you.

you're-so-hypnotizing : Photo

Beautiful Quarter Moon. Moon in your splendour, Shine your light on me, Blue moon, half moon, Makes no difference, You see, to me you will always be The man in the moon, Who lights the way, for my love, So he can open my heart with his key. Man in the moon, silvery moon Light my life with thee.

I see the moon.the moon see's me.

There's more moon light at certain times of the month than others -just like there are times in our life when the light is a little brighter. A never ending infinite cycle of light and dark.

moonlight on the ocean, I really like the how dark the picture is and how the moon light shines on the water. Painting this!

I Like It As Above So Below...Always In The Country !... http://samissomarspace.wordpress.com

scarlet-musings: “ poeticsir: “ Night ” Miss you… ”

“There is no planet, sun or star could hold you, if you but knew what you are.”#Emerson

night - Love the colors and the light bouncing off the water from the moon and stars.

Sliver of the moon

my favorite moon

Night sky above the trees and below the lion, have moon shine through the clouds to light up the name Claire and the bear

45 Crescent and Full Moon Tattoo designs – Up in the Sky

Good morning

Overly Attached Dog - Funny Dogs lol this is my life