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Why The Natural Hair Movement Is Progress For African-American Women

Different Perm Rod sizes. They also come in long and short. I love the long ones!

Response Cold Wave Rods

Response Cold Wave Rods 12 Pack {the sizing is wrong, because you will see that the purple are actually not but

Why Is My Hair Breaking? Tips to Stop Hair Breakage - Part 1 - Your Natural Hair

Organic shampoo that works with all hair and skin types. There will be no adverse chemical reaction in your scalp. All our products are hypoallergenic.

Make a Rolling Kitchen Cart From an Old Filing Cabinet.   We’ve never met anyone who couldn’t use more kitchen storage and counter space.

Make a Rolling Kitchen Cart

We’ve never met anyone who couldn’t use more kitchen storage and counter space. This rolling kitchen cart offers both - drawers for storage of tools, spice

Absorption Ratings of Carrier Oils  These common carrier oils are used in cosmetics, bath and body products. It is important to know how these ingredients rate for absorption, especially if you are planning to include them in homemade products. If you are not a wildcrafter, it is still a good way to educate yourself about the ingredients found in the products you use.

Comedogenic Ratings (which oils clog pores). I kept seeing all this stuff about how coconut oil won't cause acne, yet it seems to be causing acne for me. Oils that won't clog pores: Hemp Seed Oil, Safflower Oil, Shea Butter, Sunflower Oil.

Get healthier #haircolor with gorgeous results. We removed damaging chemicals like ammonia and PPD, so there's no harsh chemical odor or burn when applied. We also added nourishing, naturally derived keratin, argan oil, and ginseng root extract, so your hair is softer, shinier and healthier after the coloring process. Choose from 32 shades to find your perfect color!

Is your hair damaged from harsh chemical hair color? Get softer, shinier, more vibrant hair with Madison Reed Color. Its packed with naturally derived nutrients like argan oil, keratin, and ginseng

Sage For Grey Hair-------  Sage tea has a gypsy folklore reputation for darkening gray hair, and I can personally attest to the fact that it works. The effect is gradual and undramatic, your hair looks darker, without showing any ugly grey roots. Sage also leaves the hair feeling soft and shiny, and the scalp invigorated. This is also a good treatment for ringworm in pets and people.  For ringworm infections, thoroughly soak your animal companion with a strong, cooled sage tea twice daily…

Pinner writes: this website helped me so much, looking for herbs to put in healing poultices. a medical encyclopedia of herbs, organized a-z with all the info you could ever need on the herb.

Essential Vitamins and Minerals: Many, perhaps most, of us do not get our necessary vitamins and minerals each and every day. Over time that causes serious problems. #health

The Science of Vitamins and the Body

Vitamin Deficiency Infographic - The Science of Vitamins & The Body

A study claims you can tell your heritage from the shape of your feet, so take a look and discover where your family originally came from.

Different roots… Interesting. I have to admit that I thought as a child that my feet were deformed because most people I knew (and most shoes were shaped for) Roman or Greek feet. However, now I see that I have Egyptian roots.

How to Find Your Best Shade of Red Hair   | Daily Makeover

How to Find Your Best Shade of Red Hair

How to Find Your Best Shade of Red Hair - Daily Makeover.if you want to be a red-headed for surprising someone XOXO Andy