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The 12 Rewards of Sobriety. The rewards definitely out weigh the alternatives…

Hellish so-called life before recoverers, now have ups and downs but no abyss to daily crucify me you know?

Tips to Staying Clean and Sober

Here's a humungous list of essential tips on how to stay clean and sober. The 101 items contained in here is guaranteed to help you recover.

I'm not a recovering doormat. I'm a recovering blunt person (these are nice ways…

would the 8 year old version of you be looking up or down to the person you are right now? make that little girl proud, and make her feel protected. love yourself, and she'll look forward to becoming you.

EMDR for PTSD - The best treatments include different talk therapies (or psychotherapy) and medications.

A Woman's Addiction Workbook: Your Guide to In-depth Healing

Women and girls are now becoming addicted at greater rates than ever before, and until very recently women in recovery were dependent on treatment models based solely on work with men.