Book Marketing Timeline ‘6 to 12 months before Release’ Infograph

Book Marketing Timeline: Have you wondered why some authors are able to sell thousands of books in a short period of time? Learn when and how to market a book with our Book Marketing Timeline!

Wish you could FINALLY get around to finishing (or starting!) that book you've always wanted to write? Do you always mean to get around to writing, but you never seem to have enough time (or it just feels too daunting and overwhelming of a task)? The 500 words/day writing challenge can help! This is a simple commitment to make that can REALLY pay off, and has the potential for you to write a half-dozen books in the space of just 1 year! Click on over to find out how this fun little…

The 500 Words/Day Writing Challenge

How long does it take you to write 500 words? Shut down all potential distractions, do 10 minutes of stretching then type away. You'll be amazed how fast the word count grows. Writing is a habit. Get into it with small steps xkx