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A digital painting of Dc Comics most famous couple-Harly Quinn and Joker. A dynamic Duo that Batman strives to get the best of. This is Greg Horns painting of them -- a piece for lovers!

Those who wander are not lost : Photo

The Joker and Harley Quinn Love. For Deus-secus. Cut out them and only print the mad love?

(Insert Joker laugh)

(New Suicide Squad Issue - Awesome Harley Cover Art by Jason Pearson


Punk Alice In Wonderland - I've got most of her tattoos! I always wanted to be Alice when I was little. Maybe I was just aiming for the wrong version!

Mark Hamill is the true Joker.<<< technically the real Joker is the one from the comic books

Mark Hamill is the true Joker.<<< technically the real Joker is the one from the comic books<<<hey there friend ur gonna have to be more specific

Watch the World Burn by Jason Edmiston-Is it wrong how much i love the Joker? Probably..


75 Years of Batman Gallery Show: Jason Edmiston, Watch the World Burn

Joker Harley fan art commission by BrianFajardo on DeviantArt

Teen Wolf - Derek Hale x Stiles Stilinski - Sterek

STEREK DerekBarista commission vertical by Slashpalooza on deviantART

wontonton: Really wanted to show off the full designs of my human!Tikki and Plagg! In my head, I want to think that their human forms change to reflect their chosen each time a new Ladybug/Chat Noir comes along– so these designs reflect elements from not

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Storm (Ororo Munroe) is a fictional superhero appearing in the Marvel Comics universe.

Cheshire cat collects Alice's

Alice (Alice in Wonderland) Mobile Wallpaper - Zerochan Anime Image Board