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Need an easy way to implement behavior management? Simply grab a few paper supplies and have the students working towards their next classroom reward!

Adorable teaching chair!

Chair This is so colorful. This chair would be perfect in a reading nook or in the reading corner in a classroom. The teacher could use it when reading to the students.

Classroom Management: hallway rules! a great reminder for the expected behavior in the hallway! 8592

If I could figure out a way to create something similar for Hall Rules, except in Spanish, then this would be applicable to my class. A good way to manage student behavior in the hallway when they are a part of your class at the moment.

ArtMind: How to make a scratch off lottery ticket?

Make Your Own Scratch Offs! Oh the fun possibilities! Party Invitations with vital info needed to scratch off. Lunchables for kids! Party Games with correct answers under scratch off, greeting cards.

This website has so many great ideas a teacher could use throughout the classroom. I like these line up sing alongs to get kids ready to move in the hallway!

Line Up Sing Alongs. Fun and adorable songs to sing when students are lining up in the classroom to promote positive hallway behavior.

Do you ever have a student that just needs to get out of the room for a minute and get a new perspective?  Give them "The mysterious envelope" to deliver! This is brilliant!

For teachers: Do you ever have a student that just needs to get out of the room for a minute and get a new perspective? Give them "The mysterious envelope" to deliver. (I like the "mystery student" idea too)

behavior bingo see a child doing something good they sign a square, at end of day roll no. & letter to see who wins

students caught being good/on task sign their name in a box. at the end of the day, roll a dice for the letter & the number. student gets a simple reward.

Quick and Inexpensive Brag Notes

Quick and Inexpensive Brag Notes: easy management tip for sending home brag notes: label notes with student roster ahead of time to ensure each child gets notes sent home


When You Close Your Eyes... - MLK Day Bulletin Board

"When you close your eyes and think of peace, what do you see?" A lovely activity the whole school can participate in. "when you close your eyes and think of being kind, what do you have in mind?

First Grade Glitter and Giggles: Classroom Management... Could add a picture of electronics for higher grades...!

Classroom management tool - It can be soooo time consuming to answer the questions.Can we use markers?, Do we turn this in?, Is this a talking activity? I love using these assignment choice signs to answer those questions without me doing the work.

Classroom Procedures- Where are we?: This chart is a great way to indicate where the class is located throughout the day. This can help teachers, parents, or students arriving late to find the rest of t?

Freshwater's Class: Classroom Organization Take 4 “Where Are We?may also work well for a specials rotation chart.

A bite size song to deal with interruptive behavior. Great for classroom mangagement!

A bite size classroom management song for interruptive behavior!---Geared for the early childhood, lower elementary set.

Creating For the Classroom: $6.00   A Trip to Jo-Ann's = Three Cute Classroom Goodies!

Let me first start out by telling you. I LOVE Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Store! I have a store about a mile away from my hous.