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lower back tattoo

Revelations “He who overcomes has the right to eat from the tree of life.” The tree is partly designed from my own sketch and Dan at Silk City in NJ did an amazing job turning it into a tattoo.

watercolor tattoo - very like the style i want the elephant head in, but have the watercolor only on the ears

Watercolor style tattoo design idea: bird and flower by Street Tattoo

Tree of Life (Irish roots) in a dreamcatcher (Native American roots) - I'll add a rose (of course), make it smaller and have only middle group of feathers - future ankle tat?!?  For my 50th birthday!  ;)

Tree of life dream catcher tattoo. I love this one a lot. Needs an arrow incorporated.

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X-ray flower tattoo. This is exactly what I want with a splash of water color to represent all 3 of my babies

Tree and Bird tattoo

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More tree of live inspiration. The Earth will not sustain life without trees and the ocean.

20 Beautiful Tattoo Designs & Their Meanings

This black and gray tattoo depicts a tree growing at the North Pole while the roots of the tree run into the earth and create the continents. The tattoo is located about three inches below the base of the wearer’s neck.

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50 Tree Tattoo designs for Men and Women

Immagine di http://img.likely.pl/photo/large/20121118/tatuaz-napis-likely-pl-a3af6827.jpeg.

life and love infinity tattoo - 45 Infinity Tattoo Ideas

flower sleeve I think tattoos on women can be very tasteful and pretty

Half sleeve tattoos are a great tattoo design for girls who don’t want a full sleeve. This arm tattoo for girls features a mixture of beautiful flowers, all of them different types and all inked in different shades of pink. Connecting all the flowers .

Картинки по запросу тату на спине для девушек

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leaf || back tattoo

Pretty Fern Tattoo by Olga Nekrasova


Black and grey tree tattoo on forearm. I'd add a small red bird (cardinal)…

我想脱身 | via Tumblr

I love this great tattoo of a tree. Two of my favorite things. Heart Tree Tattoo by Jackie Rabbit by

Not all tattoos are bad Photos)

Lelo at Gatto Matto Tattoo Studio, Campinas, Brazil.

tree tattoo designs - a cherished tree