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Edit: the description I wrote one year ago was hella cringey so in deleting it and pretending it never happened

Tom Hiddleston, Benedict Cumberbatch, and pretty much any other actor who is British

Pockets  // funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes - #lol #humor #funnypictures

Can we talk about how UNFAIR it is that women’s jackets don’t have inside pockets but men’s jackets do? <- because if I had inside pockets I would always have a wand or a sonic :)

THIS! I have extreme feels either way.... Really you can't help me after a character dies, I have to recover myself

The difference between John Green and Steven Moffat--John Green has also said the he doesn't "kill" his characters, they just died, because that's what happens. While Moffat.murders his characters. ^^^^^ John: BECAUSE THAT'S WHAT PEOPLE DO!

Fangirling contract. (NOTE: All girls who love Leo [hey, he's Hot Stuff. Get it? Hehehe] I would recommend either getting over him or moving to a different galaxy where you'll be safe. Just a note.)

Fangirl contract how perfect is this contract? I happily honor it and am proud to say I have "made friends with other fangirls.Finally, I promise to love my fellow fangirls, because they are the only ones who understand me.


This is SOOO accurate. I HATE hipsters when they think love hurts THEM when it hurts US all the time


This is exactly what would happen if the Divergent, Hunger Games, Mortal Instruments, Harry Potter, and Percy Jackson fandom characters went out to lunch. So true that it's funny. >OMG the bread comment from Tris!

I didnt know I wanted this until now // Supervengers I also think Thor and sam would discuss hair treatments and care

and Loki and Lucifer would be sitting of in the corner comparing their bad childhoods and how horrible their older brothers are then planning world domination." - Chantell sam and thor would also compare hair

Gosh it makes me mad because they just don't understand and just think your stupid/crazy lol

Trying to explain fandom things to non-fandom people is like trying to explain trigonometry to a dog. Except the dog won't judge you for knowing trigonometry.

this is scarily accurate. And I don't know which board to pin this on... so I'm pinning it to them all.

"Every time I join a new fandom I feel like I'm ripping my soul into another horcrux." Truer words may never have been spoken.

FANDOMS UNITE... Man, that's one insane group of people... Wait, do we really want to do this to the world? I don't think the human race is ready for it.

Fandoms Unite- PERCY Jackson The Hunger Games Divergent The mortal Instruments Doctor Who Avatar: The Last Airbender Harry Potter Narnia Star Wars- I'm a demigod a shadow hunter an initiate a narnian and and a hero

And she's engaged General Zod!

“That time that Catwoman angrily stomped on Captain Kirk’s foot.” “Wait a minute… is that Gimli in the background?” “It certainly is, with Mary Poppins.” “Ah, the nerd is strong with this post.

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Any fandom. All fandom. << Fandom has influenced my vocabulary so much that I almost never finish a sentence with my friends.


"It's like everyone walked into the wrong classroom and are too British and polite to leave the lecture. crossovers are happening in canon.

It's so wrong!...but since they were kidding, it made me chuckle :)

Happy Star Trek Day everyone!

Funny pictures about Happy Star Trek Day! Oh, and cool pics about Happy Star Trek Day! Also, Happy Star Trek Day!